Make You Blush: Clinique Cheek Pop Blusher


This Spring Summer 2017 there are two things sure to make you blush; these two beautiful shades from the Clinique Cheek Pop Blusher collection. Part of the iconic Clinique Colour Pop collection and created in these beautiful embossed flower shapes, they look as pretty on your dressing table as they do on your cheeks.

These beautiful blushers in Pink Pop (left) and Melon Pop (right) are the perfect way to add a natural yet build-able colour to your cheeks this season. Pink Pop is your more traditonal rose colour, a pale pink that looks like a natural flush when swept over the cheeks, that can be built to look like a brighter blusher with a couple of layers.

Meanwhile, Melon Pop is a more trendy coral blush colour. With orange undertones, this is an unusual blush colour that will suit all skin tones. On light skin, it will look like a subtle blush, whilst on dark skin it will create the most beautiful dusk summer glow on cheeks. Truly a lovely cheek colour to make you blush this summer.


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