Decorating Your Home For The Winter

If you find you miss the colour and drama of festive decorations once the Christmas holidays are over, let it spur you on to enhance your home for the remaining cold winter months. There are lots of great ideas to try, and you can choose to add some little touches to brighten the atmosphere or make more significant changes for a comprehensive makeover. Here are a few decorating concepts that are popular in the winter months.




Colors and textures will add warmth to any room, and warmer shades can do a lot to help. If you’re not a fan of red and green, try using the newly trending millennial pink instead. On walls, area rugs and scatter cushions it will brighten up your home and contrasts very well with deeper hues such as purple or maroon. You can also add warmth by reinvigorating your fireplace and mantel. Consider using candles or faux flames if preferred and make sure any ornaments you use will reflect your ‘winter warmth’ theme.




A room that has the appearance of having been thrown together hurriedly is likely to become depressing during the darker winter months, so tackle your spring cleaning early by getting rid of things that don’t fit comfortably together. Select elegant statement pieces that reflect your personality and recycle or pass on items that ‘have always been there’ for no good reason. Even changing your furniture around or adding bright throws and table linen can make a big difference.




With natural daylight in short supply at this time of year, you will want to make the most of it throughout your home. If your budget allows, and your building is suitable, consider installing skylights to illuminate darker corners. You can make the most of your existing windows too by banishing drapes that partially block out the light, even when open. Fit affordable shutters instead and allow all the daylight there is outside to brighten up your home. Neutral tones make a natural backdrop to pops of color you use elsewhere. Shutters are also useful in winter for improving privacy, retaining heat and reducing external noise.




As most things in the yard look pretty bare in the winter months, make the most of houseplants to anticipate the coming of spring. If you’re naturally creative, you can make excellent centerpieces, for instance, using autumnal pine cones, evergreen leaves, and red winter berries. Alternatively, you can use architectural greenery or a neat little living azalea bonsai tree that will perfectly complement your millennial pink choices.




Finally, don’t forget to enhance your home with some luxurious touches that will make you and your family more comfortable. Use the softest throws on your couch or armchairs, select area rugs that are plush, and change your light bulbs to those producing the warmest levels of artificial light. Spoil yourself during winter, and you’ll find you are ready to tackle spring and summer chores with renewed energy and enthusiasm.




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