Why You Should Be Embracing Embroidery in 2017

embroidered gingham wrap blouse top

Embroidery isn’t just reserved for doilies and hankies anymore, in 2017 you’ll spot it stitched on everything from denim jeans to canvas trainers, as well as crafty fashionistas picking up women’s leather jackets and then painting similar designs on these. This summer, it’s time to adopt those popular pieces featuring dainty roses, trailing greenery and illustrated patches to truly reflect your personal style.

This summer, look for striped shirts with feminine florals, sheer dresses featuring delicate embroidered designs and edgy slogans across the chests of slouchy t-shirts and lightweight jumpers.

It’s a great trend for festival season too as it evokes bohemian style and makes us want to pair embroidered items with frayed denim and tan suede. It’s a good idea to team these embroidered pieces with plain items, so for example a plain white t-shirt tucked into an embroidered denim skirt and ankle boots or an embroidered jumper worn over a pair of skinny jeans and canvas trainers.

embroidered gingham wrap blouse 2

Do it yourself embroidery

If you’re feeling bold, you could pick up two or three loud patches and grab the iron to apply these to your favourite items of clothing – and the great thing about iron patches is that they can be easily removed.

You can carefully peel them off your item of clothing if you get bored and to remove any remaining glue pop the item of clothing in the freezer for 24 hours then get to work scraping off the remaining glue the next day. The cold makes it hard and brittle, so it should come off easily.

You can also use fabric paint to recreate embroidery designs on materials that aren’t easy to sew onto, such as leather and suede.

embroidered gingham wrap blouse detail

What should I wear that features embroidery?

  • Mom jeans – these baggy, high waist jeans lend themselves perfectly to the embroidered trend with roses and floral designs the preferred choice. These look great over one of the front pockets and along the back of the leg.
  • Blouses – Flowers grouped on the shoulder of a crisp white blouse are a great way of adding some interest to a work look.
  • Baseball cap – A fun slogan is a great addition to a baseball cap, tell everyone what you like or dislike and scour etsy for a cult TV or film inspired iron on patch.
  • Canvas trainers – Embroidered designs on canvas trainers work great for those of us who just can’t get enough of the colour black in their wardrobe. Black t-shirt, black jacket, black jeans and a black rucksack paired with black trainers featuring a bold brightly coloured embroidered design will win you serious style points.
  •  Denim jacket – Elbow patches aren’t just for fussy librarians, look for botanical designs that add a little extra to an everyday denim jacket, as well as a shearling collar to amp up the interest.
  • T-shirts – A band patch added to the chest or sleeve of a plain t-shirt is a great way of playing up the embroidery trend, minus anything too feminine if you prefer an edgier look.


Ready to test out the embroidery trend? Whether you prefer ready made or fancy getting crafty you’re sure to turn heads whatever you pick out.