Spa Quality Soft Furnishings With Eve Towels

evie towel_IMG_9918As you guys know, I’ve just bought my first house, and so the majority of my time – and money! – right now is being spent turning my house into a home. Starting out, on my own, it’s a pretty daunting task to build up a whole home from scratch and as I will be living there for the foreseeable future, I want to make sure I am investing in good quality items that will last me a few years. There are so many things I’m having to stock up on that are every day necessities I previously took for granted – like towels!

evie towel_IMG_9917

On my pursuit for good quality, long lasting home furnishings, I’ve recently discovered Eve Towels. You may have heard of Eve for their world famous matresses – as of yet I am yet to try myself, but I am holding out on buying a mattress for my guest room in hope of one! – and their latest foray into home comfort is their brand new towel range, just launched on the 1st November.

evie towel_IMG_9920

Eve pride themselves on creating products with form and function, and the Eve Towel is no exception to this. Available in two sizes (and two colours – white and grey), Eve Towels are creating used 100% premium cotton. No cheap nasties in these! They remind me of luxury hotel quality towels, the type you warm on the radiator whilst you have a lovely long bubble bath, and can’t wait to wrap yourself in.

evie towel_IMG_9919

One of the key selling points of these towels is the innovative fastening solution – which is damn handy for wrapping yourself up in whilst carrying out your post bath skin care routine, like all us beauty bloggers do! The towel has a strip of fabric sewn along one length and can be used to securely wrap the towel around your waist or head.

evie towel_IMG_9921

When I’m not using the towels, I’m loving using my exclusive Eve Sleep bathrobe – it’s not yet available to the public to buy, but this is truly a luxury hotel style treat and something I hope they come out will full time! It makes me feel like visiting a spa when really I’m relaxing at home – what’s not to love?!