Floral Shift Dress with Neck Detail


Neck detail dresses and integrated chokers are all over the shops right now. And I mean, who can blame them? There’s something about a choker that makes any look feel instantly more put together and more sophisticated – and, dare I say it – even a little bit seductive?! It’s a small touch but attention to detail is everything, and clearly everyone else is loving the neck detail right now too, going off how insanely popular these types of dresses are. So, here’s me, firmly jumping on the band wagon, wearing my new Floral Shift Dress with Neck Detail.

FloralShiftDresswithNeckDetailOutfit_IMG_5512copyFloralShiftDresswithNeckDetailOutfit_IMG_5557copy FloralShiftDresswithNeckDetailOutfit_IMG_5567FloralShiftDresswithNeckDetailOutfit_IMG_5516copy FloralShiftDresswithNeckDetailOutfit_IMG_5576FloralShiftDresswithNeckDetailOutfit_IMG_5540

As soon as I popped on this dress ready for a recent night out in Manchester city centre, I had two compliments on it. One was from Jonathan ‘you look lovely’ which – trust me – is a pretty major compliment in my boyfriend’s books! The other was from my sister who said ‘oh, is that a new Ted Baker dress?’. Well, my friends, it wasn’t – and I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

…This Floral Shift Dress with Neck Detail was actually only a tenner (yes, only ten whole pounds!) from online fashion store Fuschia White. They specialise in affordable fashion but I have to say I am super impressed with the quality of this dress. I have to admit, it does look a lot like a Ted Baker dress I have, and I think it’s down to a couple of things. The first: the print – the graphic floral print doesn’t look easy to create and hence makes it look expensive. The second: the material – it’s not a cheap plastic-y material like so many other online shops make their items in.

Oh, and the third? It’s all about that neck detail!


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