Fun Places To Eat In The Northern Quarter

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Whilst most of us are fairly unlikely to ever get bored of dining at beautiful places like the Grand Pacific, for a fun and funky alternative, the Northern Quarter is the place to be!

This trendy part of Manchester’s city centre is packed full of healthy food outlets, interesting restaurants showcasing the best in global cuisine, and don’t forget it also has the much-loved Northern Soul Grilled Cheese for the ultimate in fast-food guilty pleasures!

But if you’re looking for perhaps the most Instagram-friendly meal to show off in your social media feed, then Evelyn’s could be a great place to start. This stylish place always seems to be open, and its charming interior gives you the perfect space to enjoy plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free treats – although they also do a wicked sirloin steak and chips too!


Other interesting health food options include the V Rev vegan diner on Edge Street, and we can’t miss out the no-frills Earth Cafe that offers plenty of delicious organic foods and is even located within a Buddhist centre!

The great thing about the Northern Quarter is that it’s always packed with lots of interesting people that makes it a great place for people watching. Whether it’s hanging out eating burgers at the hipster-filled Odd Bar, or even just recuperating after a big night out with a massive breakfast at the Night and Day music venue, it’s always an invigorating experience.

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However, there are always times when we’ll need a little peace and quiet. If you’re looking for an oasis of calm for a mealtime in the Northern Quarter, then the stylish 63 Degrees showcases the best in French cuisine within its chic dining space. And then there’s always Deliveroo who have helpfully teamed up with the best restaurants in Manchester to give us a nicely lazy way to enjoy a gourmet meal at home!

And finally, what good is a meal without a luxurious dessert at the end? One place that has been getting a great reputation for its delicious cakes is the wonderful Sugar Junction that’s tucked away on Tib Street.

Although it’s meant to be a place for afternoon tea, there’s nothing better than ordering in a takeaway from Deliveroo and then heading into Manchester for one of Sugar Junction’s extravagant cakes as a special treat!


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  1. 7th July 2017 / 3:35 pm

    This post makes me want to visit Manchester again – I loved Northern Quarter so much! I didn’t eat anything from Sugar Junction (so many regrets!), but I did walk past it and it looked SO lovely and cute. x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure