Hair Lacking The X Factor? Try S-Factor Hair Care by Tigi

S Factor Haircare by Tigi Hair Product Review

Hair lacking the X Factor? Try the S Factor by Tigi! Haha, sorry, I couldn’t resist slipping in a cheesy X-Factor related line but in reality the S-Factor stands for ‘seriously sensational hair’, with each of the product collections in this range standing for a different haircare related ‘S’. Think: sexy, shiny, smooth, strong, silky, sealed and styled. Who doesn’t want their hair to feel that s-s-s-super all the time?!

S Factor Haircare by Tigi Hair Product Review

Intrigued by this new range from affordable hair brand Tigi, I decided to try out the Stunning Volume range – after all, Lord knows I love a good big hair do. The bigger the hair, the bigger the night – am I right?! Anyway,  the Tigi S Factor Stunning Volume Shampoo and Conditioner aim to, you guessed it, created added volume in the hair ready for your at-home blow dry. These smell sweet and are enjoyable to use, I really liked using up my bottle and recommended my sister try them out as she has a lot finer hair than myself. I’ll let you know how she gets on!

S Factor Haircare by Tigi Hair Product Review

To add some S-Factor super shiny silky smooth volume to my dry hair, I also tried out the Tigi S-Factor Body Booster, which is used by spraying into the roots to lift the hair from the top downwards. This stuff smells incredible – like sweets! – and also contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and UV filters to protect the hair from damage caused by heat styling tools. Honestly, that’s a bonus, and based on my experience with these super fun haircare products, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone suffering with fine or limp hair; like my sister!


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