Get the Glow with Hand Chemistry Glow Oil

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil

It’s almost here again – bare leg season! As the sun starts to creep out, so do my pasty pins and although I absolutely love and embrace being ‘pale and interesting’, sometimes you just need a little hint of a glow to give you the confidence to stick on a summer dress and sandals. If, like me, you enjoy remaining pale enough to still look like ‘you’ but want a little bit of a colour boost in your body, then I would recommend the Hand Chemistry Glow Oil; a DHA-Alternative to Self-Tan.

Instead of most instant fake tans that come in a mouse consistency, or other gradual tans that come as creams, the Hand Chemistry Glow Oil is – yep, you guessed it! – an oil. This is a hydrating formula that can be used across the face and body, lightweight enough that it can be used morning or night and absorbs super quickly into the skin. No nasty organ tan marks here! Instead of aiming to give a solid, tan filter all of your body, this works to give you a subtle, build-able golden glow. Perfect for those pale babies who want to add a little colour to their skin without going all out with the fake tan.

Oh, and no – it ain’t just for your hands!


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