Happy Halloween from the Sonny the Pugkin


Happy Halloween, angels! I might not be one for dressing up – who needs to when you scare children and wear what you want all year anyway?! – but my little devil Sonny the pug sure does.

I mean, if you have a pug puppy and you don’t dress him in embaressing costumes, are you really a pug Momma at all? To celebrate the day, Sonny and I decided to have a spooktacular photoshoot with this sweet little pugkin alongside some other pumpkins. Enjoy!


That head tilt though… The most precious of all pumpkins.


Werk. I can werk it at all angles, Momma.


This is my best scary face.


Okay Momma, this is my fed up face. Can we get naked and eat pizza now?!

For more pictures of Sonny, remember to follow him on Instagram @LazySonnyDays to keep up to date with his daily activities and more cringe costumes. He posts every day – and who doesn’t love a pug in a halloween costume?