Khaki Bomber Jacket and Dungarees

Khaki Bomber Jacket and Dungarees

Oddly, as I get older I feel myself unintentionally reverting back to clothing I wore when I was a kid. First, my new fore into trainers (my first since I’ve been able to choose my shoes myself!) and now, a pair of black dungarees. Kinda feel like a toddler in them, kinda don’t care. They’re so comfortable and I feel the ripped knee adds a bit of an edge to them, right? Right? Please say you agree here and I’m not just dressing like a child! Luckily, there’s always accessories that can add a touch of sophistication and chic to any outfit.

img_1431img_1406img_1417Khaki Bomber Jacket and Dungarees img_1403 img_1427 Khaki Bomber Jacket and Dungarees

For me, a look is ‘make or break’ when it comes to accessories and I’m pretty proud of the ones I utilised in this outfit. For me, injections of Autumnal colours through this silk Khaki bomber jacket by wholesale clothing store Stylewise Direct and my incredible new faux snakeskin boots from Rocket Dog, gives the dungarees a new dimension. Not to mention the snake print pattern adds a whole new texture to the look.

I kept my jewellery simply and just added on a chunky watch to go with the street vibe of the look. I love how this beautiful Timex chronograph watch almost looks a little masculine, but then the rose gold details adds an air of femininity to it. It’s a beautiful classic piece that would go with almost any outfit.


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