Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask and Bath Bomb Review

Hey kittens, today’s review is all about two of my most recent Lush additions – just the thing for a little start of the week pampering session to get us through Monday!

As someone who is a huge fan of vegan cosmetics, Lush have a special place in my cosmetics cupboard. All of their items are natural, animal cruelty free and smell amazing, just to top it off! Although being a huge fan of their bath bombs and bubbles, I’ve been pretty tame in trying out their skincare and make-up ranges. So, today’s review is a little delve into their skincare and also a little confirmation of my love of their bath products.

For my first Lush skincare product, I thought I’d try out a face mask; something a little bit more indulgent than your every day face wash. I went for the Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask* which cost £6.35 for 75g, which I think is a fair price, especially as I am always willing to pay slightly more for a product when I know it’s ingredients are natural and safe. It’s main ingredients are blueberries, chamomile, rose and almond oils, used to soothe the skin. It’s a deep cleansing mask so I wouldn’t recommend overusing this, I like to use it once a week in the bath during my ‘pamper night’ and I leave it on for about 10 minutes.

Over all, I really like this face mask. It doesn’t smell as luxurious as high end face masks so it doesn’t give me that ‘spa’ feeling that I get with those, but as much as I love a good scent, I would much rather know that I’m putting as few chemicals onto my face as possible, which is what I trust in Lush. Consistency wise, you leave this in the fridge between uses (to keep the natural contents fresh) and it kinda separates in between use (a quick stir with a spoon fixes this soon enough). On application, the Catastrophe Cosmetic also doesn’t leave my skin tingling or warm whilst it’s applied, so it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a huge impact is happening to my skin, but then I guess it is aiming to soothe the skin and that would defeat the point. After using this for two months, I’m not sure if it has made a long term difference to my skin, but for the evening after using it my skin does feel refreshed and so, so smooth – so it’s clearly doing something!

Now, Lush is probably most famous for it’s bath products (that’s what I instantly think of when I see them, anyway) and their bath bombs are always a real treat. I usually go for the bubble bars, which are a little bit like bath bombs but you can break off a small bit which fizzes into the bath as it runs – I find these to be more cost effective and great value for money. However, for a treat, a bath bomb is always lovely and this one did not disappoint.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of this Lush Bath Bomb* (bad blogger, I know!) but it cost £3.25, which is the price of most of Lush’s bath bombs. Not sure if anyone else agrees with me, but I think that £3.25 for one bath is a little bit of an investment and so I only use a whole bath bomb when I want a proper pampering session. Despite the price, this bath bomb was a pleasure to use – it smells incredible, literally like sherbet, and left me smelling sweet all day! It also made the bath, very, very bubbly as you can see from the image below. My bath does have some air streams so this would have helped, but you don’t often get this amount of bubbles from your average bubble bath or shower gel. I really loved using it, and it certainly did it’s job very well. Lush’s bath products rarely do wrong in my eyes and this particular beauty was no exception.

So kittens, what do you think of Lush? Yay or nay? Leave me a comment below and let me know, I would love to hear from you!


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  1. 17th August 2014 / 6:24 pm

    This looks so appealing! :) Very nice!

    Amy x