Lush Honey Collection Review

Hey kittens, today’s blog post is dipping away from the festivities slightly – I know, I know, how dare I?! Well, as much as everyone raves about the Lush Christmas collection (we all love a good golden bear bath bomb), I am pretty partial to the lesser known areas of Lush which are equally as lovely, such as their new this year Honey collection…

My favourite item from their Honey collection is their Honey I Washed The Kids soap*. Although I do usually prefer a liquid soap for washing my hands – they somehow feel more hygienic – I absolutely love this Honey soap. It has a sweet, subtle smell; not what I would imagine honey to actually smell like, it’s like a nicer version of that. I also love the detail to the beeswax style send of it. We’ve had this in our bathroom for a couple of weeks and it’s still going strong – my only niggle is that it does leave a yellowy mashy mess where it’s been, but to be fair it does wipe clean easily.

The Honey Trap Lip Balm* is next in my Lush Honey Collection, and also a thumbs up in my books. Aside from being moisturising, I really like the slightly gritty texture of this – it just feels natural and as though it will give my lips a gentle exfoliation. I reckon this could also probably used on small patches of dry skin to heal it, like some other natural lip balms. However, at £5.75 per 8g I think this is a little expensive for what it is.

For haircare, I tried the Lush Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo*. Now, if y’all read my blog regularly, you’ll know I can’t get that enthusiastic about haircare – I have a curly maine which is hard to tame, and so I kinda stick to what I know. However, I did enjoy using this shampoo. Again, it smells wonderful, and I didn’t notice it making my hair frizzier at all (which is how I weigh in a good or bad shampoo) but it is sticky. Very sticky! I would be interested to try a conditioner version of this, as that’s how I tend to tell whether a product suits my curls or not.

Finally,  I tried to Lush Honey Bee bath bomb*. At £3.35, I would definitely repurchase this. Everyone loves a Lush bath bomb and I am no exception, and I think this one is pretty affordable for wanting to indulge in a pamper night. It’s scent is subtle and it doesn’t create any crazy colours in your bath like some of the other Lush bath products, so I can see this appealing to a wider and more mature audience. Over all, I had a pleasure using this!
To conclude – I just love Lush. Despite whether I may personally like some of their products or not, their ethics are admirable and I will always support and company that is totally vegan and cruelty free. It makes buying beauty products even more enjoyable, and I will continue to do so for as long as Lush stand up to their ethics – good work!

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