Millenial Pink And Other Winter Home Decor Trends

If you’ve been following my blog or social channels for a little while, you’ll know that in the second half of last year I bought my first house. Since then, I’ve taken on the long and hard process of turning a house into a home, but I have truly enjoyed decorating it and unleashing a little more of my creative side through the place. If you’re in the same boat as me and are using this Winter to decorate your home, Chill Insurance have helped inspire my decorating with their Winter Home Decoration tips, and I’m sharing a couple of my own favourite winter home decor trends today.


Millennial Pink

As you guys know, I have turned my conservatory into a bar and I have painted the whole room pink with my own fair hands. Millenial pink is one of the hottest colour trends in interiors for Winter 2018 and it is only expected to carry on through to Spring and Summer. If you can’t quite commit to painting a whole room pale pink, try accessorizing with things like pink candles, pink cushions or even a neon pink flamingo lamp like mine!


Concetrate On Your Living room

If re-decorating your home is a little too big of a project for you this Winter, Chill Insurance discovered that 43% of their home decor survey respondents said they would focus on the living room first, while 25% would revamp their bedroom. I would agree that the living room is a good place to start. It’s the first place I decorated in my own home as I knew it would be  room I would be spending most of my down time in. It’s important to get your nesting place right!


Crushed Velvet

If you’re looking to add a different type of texture into your home this winter, try adding a bit of crushed velvet. Although there a lot of crushed velvet sofas around at the moment, I wouldn’t personally recommend using crushed velvet in such a big way just in case the trend doesn’t stick around. Instead, if you want to use the fabric I would recommend investing in smaller soft furnishing such as cushions and curtains to add some texture without breaking the bank.


Use Warm Colours

For Winter trendsk, warm colours are always the winner! When it comes to picking the perfect colour palette for winter, over half (58%) of Chill Insurance’s survey respondents said they would
stick to warm tones, and I totally agree. Winter is the time to indulge in rich tones such as reds, purples and maroons – which also contrast really well against millennial pink! Try using a maroon throw over your sofa to spice up the coloour a little this winter.


So, what is your favourite winter interior decoration trend? Leave me a comment below or join in the conversation using the hashtag #InteriorInspirations to get involved!



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