Tackling Blemishes With Murad Rapid Relief Spot Treatment


No matter what age we are, we all suffer from spots every now and again. Sadly, the myth that only teenagers get spots is just that – a myth! – and us ladies are prone to a breakout at almost any point in our lives. Certain events can aggravate it of course, such as periods, pregnancy, stress or even a change in lifestyle, but speaking from experience I know that those pesky spots can pop up even when we least expect it (usually before a first date, no less). Whether you’re prone to the odd hormonal zit or suffer from adult acne, spots in adults are actually super common and vary in terms of seriousness and severity.


To help treat breakouts, American dermatolist based skincare brand, Murad, have developed their new Rapid Relief Spot Treatment. You guys know I am a big fan of Murad, having had a couple of Murad Facials and regularly use anti-aging skincare treatments from them such as their City Smart range, and so it’s no surprise I am a fan of this product too. At £17, this is a maximum-strength, invisible gel formula that can be applied at any time of day to reduce blemish size. It promises to reduce redness in just four hours, and having tested it myself on a nasty hormonal zit during my time of the month, I can confirm that having applied this overnight I woke up in the morning with a much smaller, much less sore blemish. It can also be applied over makeup, which is super handy for days at work, too!

Of course, a spot treatment like this is not going to work miracles – it won’t cure your acne overnight or give you a flawless base in just one application – but what treatments like this are good for is to helping reduce any problematic zits. We all know that having spots can seriously affect our self-esteem, and so for me it’s reassuring to know that when I get my next breakout, I am armed with a product like the Murad Rapid Relief Spot Treatment to help me keep my confidence.


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