New Year Catch Ups Over Pizza

January might be the time that most people embark on a health kick after the festive period, but for me, it’s all about balance and sometimes on a rainy January day, you just need a good hearty pizza. This January, inbetween my salads and fruit snacks, I’ve taken the time to catch up with some friends over a pizza or two and it’s been a really great way to banish the January Blues and fill each other in about gossip from over the festive period.

For our latest catch up, we headed to the newly refuribished Pizza Hut Restaurants at Parrswood in Didbsury, South Manchester. Yes – Pizza Hut Restaurants. Not a place I would have previously seen myself dining in but now a place that is suitable American themed, fun and new, which is exactly what I like (especially as you guys know I am living in America right now!).

For our starters, we shared a selection of different ones including chicken wings, garlic bread, jalapeno poppers and chicken bites. We shared the four between five of us and it was more than enough to go round. We dipped in and out of different bites and of course tried salad from the unlimited salad bar!

But of course, pizza was the main event, and we chose four pizzas to share…

We decided to mix it up and get a variety of different pizzas, so we got two vegetarian and two with meat toppings. The first we tried was the Veggie pizza with a thin base, but we swapped the spinach on top for jalapeno chillis. I do like a spicy pizza! This was my favourite of the veggie pizzas.

The other veggie pizza we tried was the original Veggie (including spinach) but on a deep pan base). I liked the presentation of this one as it comes in a deep dish with a special tool for removing it, but I have to confess I personally prefer thinner pizzas. If you like a thick pizza this one is for you!

Meat wise, we tried the Philly Cheese Steak pizza. This is a proper American special and comes with caramelized onions, strips of steak and comes on a creamy base. Again, this was my favourite of the meat pizzas. You truly can’t beat steak and so steak on a pizza is a sure fire winner!

Finally, our last pizza was a classic Pepperoni one. Exactly what you would expect from a pepperoni pizza and definitely hit the spot! Although Pizza Hut Restaurants are obviously not the place for fine dining, I would recommend it for a quick bite to eat, a casual catch up with mates and of course, the place to go to satisfy your pizza cravings!


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  1. 9th January 2018 / 9:02 pm

    Ah I love the Pizza Hut Salad Bar, especially that it’s unlimited!

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