Occasion Wear for Spring Bank Holidays 2017

fuschia-white-boutique-red-tailored-suit-1200x800As the seasons influence what we were on an everyday basis (no more winter coats, finally!) and in the same way it helps us to switch up what we wear on the daily, so does it influence our choice of occasion wear. Hey, no one wants to be wearing faux leather trousers and knee high boots when its sunny outside – ain’t no one wanting squeaky legs. Am I right?!

With quite a few spring bank holidays just around the corner, I’m already penciling dates in my diary for a good old night out or two. Whether it’s to have a night out in a bar with my girlfriends, meet my boyfriend Jonathan for a proper posh date night or even grab the gang and have a different type of night out– like a casino night.

If you’re looking to go to a casino soon, make sure you are wearing the right sort of clothes or you might not get in!

On the contrary, if you don’t want to dress up you can try your luck in an online casino. Just imagine wearing nothing but your payjamas’ and play live games like live roulette from the comfort of your home. What is great about this is that you can practice online for free before going in a real one.

Going back to your casino night out it’s important to wear occasion wear for this and if you are stuck, there are a few different ways you can upgrade your occasion wear for Spring Bank Holidays 2017.


Go For No Tights

closet london nautical stripe midi dress

I know, I know – black tights are such a comfort zone and really help to make me feel a little bit more confident, but wearing a pretty dress without tights really helps to make it feel more summery. So, when planning your Occasion Wear for Spring Bank Holidays 2017 consider using the ‘no tights rule’. If you’re feeling a little self-conscious, try adding a slick of instant self-tan to your legs to give you an added glow. After all, fake tan hides a multitude of sins and can do wonders for your confidence when stepping out of your comfort zone!


Trousers Instead Of Jeans


If I’m stuck for what to wear on a night out, I am so guilty of popping on my favourite pair of black jeans or faux leather leggings and pairing it with a glitzy blouse. It’s just such an easy outfit to pop together and requires very little thinking; especially if I am in a rush to get changed to head out after work! However, in spring try going from day to night by wearing trousers instead of jeans. Once you have yourself out of the jeans habit, trousers just look so much smarter and are super easy to pop on with a pair of heels to turn them into instant occasion wear.


Wear Bright Colours


In autumn and winter, it can be so tempting to opt for ‘all black everything’ to get you through the darker months, but as soon as the sun starts to creep out, it’s time the colours in your wardrobe did too! Try brightening things up for Spring Occasion Wear by bringing out your more colourful items. If you aren’t a pink type of gal, try going for primary colours like reds and blues to really make a statement this spring.

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