Peacocks Orange Floral Bardot Maxi Dress

Peacocks orange floral bardot maxi dress_IMG_6847Recently, the UK has been having a hot spell and – can you believe it – we’ve even had some sun in Manchester! In fact, having been used to so much rain, I didn’t have my summer wardrobe at the read, and so it gave me the perfect excuse to try go on the hunt for the next perfect summer dress. Cue this Bardot frill, orange floral maxi dress; the actual clothing embodiment of summer if ever I saw one!

Peacocks orange floral bardot maxi dress_IMG_6845Peacocks orange floral bardot maxi dress_IMG_6871Peacocks orange floral bardot maxi dress_IMG_6884Peacocks orange floral bardot maxi dress_IMG_6878Peacocks orange floral bardot maxi dress_IMG_6846Peacocks orange floral bardot maxi dress_IMG_6883I have to admit, with an ever-changing wardrobe I don’t often get compliments on what I wear, but every time I’ve worn this maxi dress I’ve received compliments on it. Heck, even Jonathan noticed that it was new. I guess that’s the beauty of it; it’s so bright that you really can’t miss it, and it’s sunny colour truly brightens up everyone’s day.

As well as compliments, I get a lot of people asking about where it’s from. And can you guess? I bet not. It’s from fashion’s best kept secret… *whispers*… Peacocks! So not only is it a real statement piece, but it’s super affordable and easy to get your paws on too. Who needs Zara when you can buy beautiful summer pieces like this at the click of your mouse or from your local high street, without having to stress they’ll sell out or scramble through the rails. It’s a winner from me!


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  1. 29th June 2017 / 9:30 am

    I am LOVING red dresses for summer this year. I am totally in love with this dress and love the hippy-esque vibe with the birks too!
    Bee xxx