I am a PR friendly blogger and have worked with many fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands over the past 3 and a bit years!

If you would like to send me any questions or talk to me about a project, feel free to drop me an email with more info:



Hey kittens, here’s a little information to help you out with understanding my blog, just in case you aren’t quite sure. I always want to be 100% clear with my readers, so this is in the interest of transparency.

As of 01/01/2014, any gifted items, PR samples, items bought with store credit/vouchers or sponsored links have been marked with an asterix(*). Before this time, any gift items, PR samples, items bought with store credit/vouchers or sponsored links were underlined. Please do not be put off by this; I use this symbol to show y’all quickily and easily any items that have been provided for my review. I’ll only accept items that I would choose to buy anyway (most of the items I choose myself) so this does not influence my opinion of the item whatsoever. I will remain 100% honest in my views.

All of the views and opinions in this blog are all my own and do not represent those of any other person, company or brand. I make sure to be myself on this blog and I never wish to offend anyone by what is written here; I offer my opinions to try and make this a helpful and informative fashion blog!

I am signed up to a couple of affiliate commission services (i.e. RewardStyle, ShopSense) but at the moment I rarely use these. Occasionally links I use will be affiliated links, but these are links I would be providing anyway for sourcing information – it does not change the content I provide. I always try by my best efforts to make sure any sponsored/affiliated/gifted items are linked with a “no follow” link – if by mistake I forget to make the link “no follow”, please do let me know so I can correct this asap.

Almost all of the content on this blog is my own – I mostly use my own photography, I write my own content most of the time and try to be as original as possible on my blog. If I use imagery that is not my own, I will always try and credit the source or photographer. If for any reason I cannot locate this information or it is not clear, please do email me so I can give the appropriate credit:

Please feel free to use my images or link to my blog posts, as long as I am credited for the information and my material is not used for professional purposes without my permission.

Phew! Now all that’s out of the way, please go ahead and enjoy my blog! :)

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