My First Taste of Spring: Bevvies on the Beach with Rekorderlig Cider


Smörgåsbords , Minimislist Scandi Style, Stockholm, ABBA, Meatballs, Vikings… What’s not to love about Sweden? As a travel addict who is self-confessed Scandanavian city break lover, a Scandi style has always been appealling and as I grow older, the more I come to appreciate the Scandi way of life. And, as the UK gears up for its days of bank holidays for Easter and May, the Swedes are celebrating something slightly different; Walpurgis.

The last day of April is Walpurgis Eve, a celebration in Sweden of the start of spring. Swedes host bonfires and public gatherings across the country and the following day, Walpurgis, is a public holiday. It’s something I can totally get into, and so, to celebrate my own take on Walpurgis, I grabbed some pals and took to the beach to enjoy a chilled out evening enjoying my first of Beautifully Swedish drink of Spring with Rekorderlig Cider.


Although I have to confess these photos were taken on my most recent long weekend away to Conwy, a small seaside village in North Wales, I like to think that the landscape wouldn’t look so out of place if I told you these photos were taken in Sweden. Hey – one can dream! And although we were only able to visit a British beach town on this occasion, the weather certainly didn’t let us down; perhaps the essence of Walpurgis was truly on our side as we enjoyed a beautiful British sunset.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I am fond of a tipple – always responsibly, of course! – but for me, having drinks and dinner with friends and family is one of my biggest hobbies. It’s so sociable and always great to catch up with pals over a glass or two; so what better way to embrace Spring than with bevvies on the beach?


To cheers to Spring, we brought along some new flavours of Rekorderlig Cider to toast the new season. As it’s blended with pure Swedish spring water to create a distinctively fresh flavour, we though trying out three of the new season flavours by Rekorderlig Cider would be perfect to start Spring the Swedish way.

There are tons of flavours available and Rekorderlig’s fruity flavours like Strawberry-Lime, Passionfruit, and Mango-Raspberry are actually the first way I discovered cider; I like to think they taste a little bit like fruity cocktails and at home I like to pour my Strawberry Lime Rekorderlig Cider over over ice with fresh mint leaves or real strawberries and a wedge of lime for a fresh, zesty taste experience. However, served straight out of the bottle was a perfect way for us to refresh after a day on the beach this time, and we chose to try out two of the new flavours: Premium Spiced Plum Cider and Premium Wild Berries.


As our first sunny Spring night on the beach began to turn to dusk, there was only one snack we could get to compliment our own British take on Walpurgis – fish and chips! Being at the beach, it would be rude not to! So we popped on an extra layer of coats, topped up our drinks and ate our seaside picnic as the sunset. Bevvies on the beach was truly a wonderful first taste of Spring.

We had the most magical night, chatting, exploring the beach and catching up on our plans for the rest of Spring and Summer. Sitting outside, on the beach, in the sun, has truly made me excited for the sunnier months and I can’t wait to repeat more impromptu catchups with other friends and family. In fact, I’m going to text my boyfriend Jonathan right now and tell him we have to have our own Walpurgis date night… Plus, it’s a great excuse to try out some more of the Spring and Summer flavours of Rekorderlig Cider, right?!

RekorderligCidarSummer2017Flavours_IMG_0978RekorderligCidarSummer2017Flavours_IMG_1090RekorderligCidarSummer2017Flavours_IMG_1056RekorderligCidarSummer2017Flavours_IMG_1082 If you too are looking to celebrate the start of Spring – and why the heck not?! – then Rekorderlig will be sharing some of the best of their Instagram page @Rekorderligcider encouraging us to share our Springtime #StartTheSwedishWay pictures. If you head over to the page, I’l be seeing you there. Cheers to Spring!


Thank you to Rekorderlig Cider for inspiring my First Taste of Spring.