Summer Beauty Favourites 2016

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Summer Beauty Favourites 2016 – it’s a hard roundup to make in terms of fitting the bill, but for all those items that I wanted to give a bit of love to this season, it seemed like the right time to give them some credit. I’ve been using all of these beauty items for the past few months and now it’s time to give my honest verdict and so much so, they’ve been hailed my Summer favs!

Firstly, this delicate Walnut Body Scrub by Meraki. Having never heard of the brand before – and I am quite the Beauty buff! – I was happy to try but didn’t hold out for much. Boy, how I was wrong! They say that it’s often the best kept secrets that surprise you most and this certainly did. A little goes a long way with this scrub; simply take a 50p amount and scrub in circular motions into one part of your body and you’ll soon be surprised with a pleasant lather. I honestly would say this is one of the best scrubs I have ever tried – better than some well done Spa brands I have owned and used up quickly – and I would definitely repurchase.


If I’m not going all out with a body scrub, chances are I will have been using these new Original Source Summer edition scents in my shower. Not only are the colours #pastelgoals but they are each moisturising (perfect after a day of wearing SPF in the sun when your skin needs some extra TLC) and smell incredible. My favourite of these has been the Sweet Apple and Vanilla Milk Original Source Shower Gel – it’s not like any scent I have used before and it’s sweet and refreshing at the same time.


For my hair, I’ve recently discovered HIF; Hair is Fabric. An unusual brand and one that again, I wasn’t sure what to expect with. I tried their Curly Hair Support conditioner (couldn’t you just die over the packaging?) and was a bit confused with the texture at first. It certainly doesn’t feel like any conditioner I have used before and in fact, could almost be mistaken for a body moisturiser. Turns out that’s a good sign, as it’s totally moisturising on my curls and helps to illuminate frizz without being too heavy on my hair.


In terms of beauty accessories – I’m gonna call them that, okay? – I’ve recently rediscovered temporary tattoos. I personally think tattoos are beautiful but being as indecisive as I am, they just ain’t for me, and so with this revival of temporary tatts that’s come around again this summer I’m totally in my element. They’re the perfect festival accessory and I’ve been wearing them on my arms or around my ankle to edge up a summer dress. My personal favourites are these colourful and fun temporary tattoos… I mean, they have a PUG wearing a HAT! My heart bursts.


And finally… Not strictly a Beauty Favourite but I like to drink a cocktail when doing my makeup for nights out, so it kinda counts, right? Funkin Cocktails are forever my favourite drinks mixers and this summer their Pina Colada flavour is my absolutely go-to. It’s ideal to mix this with a drop of Malibu, but if you wish you can experiment with other types of rum, gin and vodka. It’s a quick and easy way to get a homemade cocktail worthy of a top barista in seconds.


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  1. 21st August 2016 / 7:37 pm

    I love that you have the bit at the bottom so we can browse the products! I’m most defo going to check out the scrub and the hair conditioner having thick curly hair I’m sure ill benefit!