The Body Shop Camomile Cleanser Review

Hey kittens, Happy Friday! TGIF – it’s been
a super busy week and unfortunately life is getting in the way of blogging a
bit. I try and get a nice bloggy balance and although it’s only been a week or
so since my last post, I kinda feel like I’m neglecting my online baby. So,
here’s a little TLC in the form of my favourite kinda of beauty TLC; cleansing
my face.

On a Friday night, is there any better feeling than getting home from work and
removing your makeup? Wild weekend, I know, but I really love it; it refreshes
me and wakes me up a little, whilst also relaxing me ready for the evening.
Not so long ago, I wrote a humungous blog
post all about my top ways to cleanse my skin, including my recent discovery of
the hot cloth cleanser. Over all, I noted how properly cleaning my skin in a
gentle way had improved blemishes compared to being lazy and using makeup
wipes. Today’s products are another step on from that…
In my previous blog post, I did review the
Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Balm as my first balm cleanser. Although I love the spa
smell of it (almost herby or medicinal) it is pretty rich for my skin and so I
can only use it once a week on a ‘pamper night’. However, my new discovery of
the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter has provided me with a way of using a
luxurious balm cleanser every day.
The Body Shop’s Camomile SumptuousCleansing Butter* is a real treat to use. I use this in the same way as I
cleanse my skin with hot cloth cleansers – I use a flannel, or face cloth, to ‘swirl’
a small amount of the butter onto it (I don’t use my fingers as to avoid
contamination) and then rub this in gentle circles over my whole face. The consistency
is almost like a thick petroleum jelly, but without the grease, and it smells
fresh and floral. Camomile is known for it’s soothing properties, and it
certainly feels soothing on the skin. I then wash this off with warm water and
pat dry.
Although the cleansing butter almost
effortlessly removes all my makeup (it smudges around a bit whilst breaking up
the makeup in the dry stage, but as soon as I add water, everything comes off
with ease), I also like to use an eye makeup remover before hand. As a lover of
budge proof gel eyeliner (read about my favourite liquid/gel eyeliner here), I
find that using The Body Shop’s Camomile Eye & Lip Makeup Remover* from the
same soothing range is a gentle way to get rid of my cat’s eye flicks without
scrubbing at my sensitive eye area. It’s also a life saver when wearing
long-lasting lip stains – using this helps you to avoid heroin chic cracked

Over all, I’ve been highly impressed with
The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleanser range; despite having very sensitive skin, I’ve
been able to use these without any irritation at all and find them both a
pleasure to use.  At £8 for the
eyemakeup remover and £12 for the butter, they’re super affordable and work out
great value for money for daily (or evening-ly?) use. In fact, they do exactly what
they say on the tin (the butter comes in a tin… get it?) – gently and
effectively removing makeup and impurities whilst cleansing the face and
leaving you feeling pampered.

So kittens, what is your favourite way to remove your make-up? Leave me a comment below and let me know.


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