Jungle Fever with a Tropical Print Peplum Top


You may have noticed from my recent tropical home wear blog post that I am ALL about the tropical prints right now – and not just for inside the house! Nope, I’ve got jungle fever.  I’m wearing the palm prints, banana leafs and contrasting colours outside the house too because there’s just no reason we can’t enjoy a tropical summer, even if we are in Manchester. Who says the weather has to be tropical to make everything feel sunny, right?!

ClosetLondonTropicalPrintPeplumBlouseOutfitOftheDayIMG_5369ClosetLondonTropicalPrintPeplumBlouseOutfitOftheDayIMG_5383ClosetLondonTropicalPrintPeplumBlouseOutfitOftheDayIMG_5366 ClosetLondonTropicalPrintPeplumBlouseOutfitOftheDayIMG_5370 ClosetLondonTropicalPrintPeplumBlouseOutfitOftheDayIMG_5371 ClosetLondonTropicalPrintPeplumBlouseOutfitOftheDayIMG_5376 ClosetLondonTropicalPrintPeplumBlouseOutfitOftheDayIMG_5377 ClosetLondonTropicalPrintPeplumBlouseOutfitOftheDayIMG_5380 ClosetLondonTropicalPrintPeplumBlouseOutfitOftheDayIMG_5382

This tropical print peplum top is a unique take on the jungle fever trend by one of my British designer favourites, Closet London. Most tropical print tops are chiffon blouses or over-sized t-shirts, but this tropical print peplum top helps to create a flattering sillouhette shape.

It’s especially handy for those curvier ladies (like myself!) who enjoy a good pattern but sometimes worry about drawing too much attention to the lumps and bumps on our tummy and thighs. Not with this top, my friends – the peplum cinches you in at the waist and helps to guide the eye over the unforgiving top of the thigh area.

Now, if only they created a swimsuit the same!


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