Wednesday Wishlist: Glam Night Out

Wednesday Wishlist: Glam Night Out

Hey kittens, welcome to today’s Wednesday Wishlist. It’s been a while (I’ve been a busy cat) but I really want to try and get back into my Wishlist style posts as and when I can do. I just think it’s so fun to pull together a dream outfit for any occasion – and today’s occasion is based on looking your absolute best! And for me, that’s all about glamming up for a night out.

In the world of beauty and fashion, as much as people like to think it’s all about what’s on the inside, I think we’re all guilty of priding ourselves on our appearances. For me, fashion is all about personality and I always take the chance to try and make myself look my best, even if I’m just popping out tto the shops. Heck, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was looking scruffy. In fact, as silly as it sounds, the last thing we want is to be labelled a dirty Gertie … as this bingo video confirms!

Released as part of a bingo ampaign publishing 90 videos depicting 90 bingo calls, the clip represents the bingo call for number 30 and makes us desperate to avoid this image as much as possible. In the clip, the dirty remnants of a party are shown and while this doesn’t specifically relate to personal appearances I don’t think anyone would want to confess to being the owner of that mess! (I wouldn’t!) The truth is, outside of the game of bingo, no one wants to be a dirty Gertie!

This project of 90 videos for 90 video calls is being organised by my mates at Costa Bingo*, but all the videos were filmed by people like you and me to give them the raw, natural edge that we love. As a YouTuber myself, this really appeals to me – you can check out my YouTube channel by searching ‘Lily Kitten’ on YouTube – and the rest will be uploaded over the next five weeks so you’ll have to check back for the latest additions. Providing a useful resource for those who want to brush up on their bingo lingo, the videos teach us much more than what each number stands for and provide an insight into how we would represent certain scenarios and phrases.