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As you guys know, I live in Manchester and I have always been so proud of living in such a fab city. However, city life does come with a couple of downsides, one of them being pollution. As we are coming to realise, pollution doesn’t just effect your health, but your skin too, and so as anti-pollution skin care becomes more and more popular, brands such as Murad are stepping up with their own cosmesceutical offerings. Cue the Murad City Skin range!

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The Murad City Skin Sage Defence SPF 50 is a lightweight sunscreen, made 100% from minerals, meaning it goes on lightly and brightly. Containing an upgraded SPF Protection, it not only smoothes out skin but helps to protect from the 5 main causes of pollution that aid aging, including UVA and UVB rays and blue light from digital devices. I like using this after my daytime moisturiser and before my makeup, almost as a primer, and I can’t believe how light it feels for such high SPF 50 protection. It might be on the pricy side at £45, but I love it.

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For nights in after a day in the sun (or at your laptop!) Murad have also created the City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer to hydrate your skin in the evening. This is a night-time moisturiser which detoxifies the skin overnight from the pollutants and toxins that have accumulated throughout the day. As with many other Murad products, it contains a great amount of Vitamin C and other super-charged anti-oxidants to help our skin brighten and heal. Perfect for those, who like me, live a fast city life and need a little soothing at night…


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  1. 6th July 2017 / 10:46 pm

    I will definitely look into these products, they may be a bit pricey but I think for good skincare it’s so worth it. I live in London as I go to university there and every since moving in September my skin has definitely took a turn for the worse. I had always had pretty good skin previously and now I am back home in Liverpool for the summer, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin. I think it is quite easy to disregard pollution as the cause of skin breakouts but it certainly has affected my skin. x