Tropical Homewear for Spring Summer 2017


As you guys who have followed me for a while know, I am currently in the process of (trying!) to purchase my first home. It’s a long (and often stressful) journey to do this independently but right now I’m focussing on the destination; a whole little house just for me and Sonny the Pug that we can make totally ours. As move in time gradually moves closer, there’s one interior decor style that I’ve already planned to be prominent throughout my home; Tropical Homewear for Spring Summer 2017.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing with you the top ways to inject this bold, jungle homewear style into your home in various different ways, whatever your budget. So, if you’re looking to switch up your home for Spring, stay to tuned to read my top tips for making over your house to include Tropical Homewear for Spring Summer 2017.


Choose Statement Furniture With Tropical Accents


One of the easiest ways to instantly makeover a room is by replacing the old with the new; including statement furniture. For me, a sofa is always a big signature piece in a room – although you may think of it as just somewhere you sit, the type of sofa you choose actually totally reflects your personal choice. As you guys know, I have been on my very own Sofology Experience over the past few months as I prepare for my home and, as it stands, is currently the only piece of furniture I know I will definitely have in my house! But, as I see it, a sofa is the best thing you can have in a home; it’s where you spend most of your time for chilling, chatting away socially and relaxing in the living room of your home.

For me, if I were to choose my Sofology Sofa based on the tropical homewear theme, I would go for the Osca Sofa. This colour way is called Sensations Blue Mix but it’s actually a beautiful, soft mint green and so a really lovely sublt way to inject some pastel colours into your home for Spring Summer 2017. The high, cushioned back and long, angular base of the Osca sofa remind me of a modern take on the big 1970’s homewear trend – very mid-century! Plus, notice the feet of the sofa; details are important and the light wooden feet remind me of bamboo accents in the Tropical Homewear Trend.


Create A Tropical Focal Point


Create a tropical focal point in the room by using a wall – or even a chimney breast or archive section of the room – to add in some patterned wallpaper. For me, I already have plans to use this incredible Tropical Leaf Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper in one room in my new house.  Although I wouldn’t use such strong pattern all over the room, I’m using this as a statement wall in a ‘bar’ room I am creating. Yep tha’t’s right, who needs a dining room when you can have a bar?! Plus, I love this wallpaper in particular due to it’s baby pink background – the contrast between the pale pink and the green leaves is refreshing and a lot more feminine than your usual banana or palm leaf print.


Change Up Your Accessories


If a whole room redocration isn’t on your budget (or calendar) right now, you can make some pretty effective room changes by simply switching up homewear accessories. Want to make your room look more tropical in an instant? Swap out fresh flowers and floral bouquets for a quirky rrtificial cactus from Next Home  Instantly the room will look more modern and on trend, making the change out quick and easy, both in time and on the purse strings!


Invest In Timeless Pieces


As with all higher price point items I am considering for my home, I am looking to invest in timeless furniture pieces that will stay relevant through different trends. For instance, instead of buying high price point items just for the Tropical Homewear Trend, I am  choosing items that will work for this trend as well as ones to come. One item at the top of my wish list is this stunning round gold bamboo drinks trolley from Oliver Bonas; the subtle bamboo shape of the racks on this trolley ensure it fits perfectly within the tropical home wear trend. But, take it away from the jungle prints and banana leafs, and as shown above this beautiful drinks trolley stands strong on it’s own. It’s a timeless piece, meaning I am more than happy to spend a little more on an item that will last for many years. It’s all about thinking about the long term.


Consider Lighting Options


If you don’t fancy painting your walls or going all out with the tropical print wallpaper like I am, then different types of lighting can create some really lovely effects inside the home. Take this Pineapple Lamp from Amara for instance; not only does it’s gold colour and pineapple shape totally match the SS17 jungle theme head on, but, when lit, it creates from really interesting shadows on the walls which almost mirror a tropical forest. Again, considering a multi-purpose product is an easy way to update your home for Spring.


So, I hope this post gives you some easy ideas as to how to upgrade your interior decor to Tropical Homewear for Spring Summer 2017. This trend is one I am definitely going to be adding into my new home and, time depending(!), I can’t wait to share the results with you. Stay tuned for more!


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  1. 9th April 2017 / 10:28 pm

    Wow – can’t wait to see the results! Love the tropical vibe – and I agree with the baby pinks, real sophisticated feel. What a drinks trolley, just see my g&t on there along with the mixers!